Our Construction & Design Portfolio

Nature's Own Landscape & Design is from the Niagara Region and we are known for taking our customers idea's from the design stages through to the final construction stage. With your great input, and our years of experience we can make this dream become a reality. To make this dream come true it all needs to start with a Landscape Design. Some of our clients have older homes that have been landscaped 15-20 years ago and would like to change and up date their landscape designs. In a lot of cases we will re-design their landscapes, based on what they need for their lifestyle. We specialize in taking our customer ideas and dreams to create their own oasis. Any new or older home can be drastically transformed with the right landscape design to bring out the character in your home. Our passion is landscaping, so if you're considering having a landscape design completed for your home, please feel free to contact us so we can be apart of the transformation.

Landscape Design Process:

  • Initial consultation
  • Take measurements and pictures of the site.
  • Concept Design
  • Presentation of the Concept Design.
  • Make any alterations to the Design as needed. 
  • The last 2 steps may need to be repeated until the customer is perfectly satisfied, and at that time the concept drawing will be approved.
  • Detailed Landscape Drawing will then be completed.
  • The final Landscape Design will be presented to the customer.
  • The construction of your outdoor oasis.
  • Downtown Niagara on the Lake Home

    Here is an example of a landscape that we took from the design process through to the construction, and completion of the entire project.
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  • Design Build Gallery

    Here are a few of our Design & Build projects.
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  • Residential Landscape

    Customer Testimonial Click Here This was a home where the customer already had a bit of an idea for what they wanted, so prior to meeting us already had a design made. Once they had their design they called us to come down to give them a quote and work through everything with them. We worked along side with them choosing all the materials for the entire job and giving them our opinions on changes that would make their current drawing ...
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  • Designs

    We generally use a landscape design program called Dynascape which is a great tool to produce works plans for any project. For those specialty larger scale projects we also have a design that we work with Darren Schmal which does unique hand drawn designs.
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Recent Work

Check out this Eramosa Natural Stone front entrance Nature's Own created this past summer. We love working with clients and their ideas to create unique projects that suit their needs. Contact us to help you with your project.

Recent Testimonial
  • Nature’s Own looked after the construction of my Landscape in the fall of 2014. Here is some details about my experiences with them: Cathy my neighbor recommended Ryan from Nature’s Own to me. Honestly, their quotes were very similar to the ones we got before from a few other companies but there was something that made me feel you guys were more reliable and honest. Your quote was extremely clear; I could clearly tell how much it would be if I took out some parts so I didn't think there would be any “hidden charges”. We’d never had any landscaping done before we were sometime confused because I didn't understand the process. Cathy had said, “You are professional and she’s been happy with all the jobs you did for her”. So I decided to let you guys make some decisions. I figured your ideas would be better than ours. I didn't watch you guys a lot when you were working outside but I checked everything after you guys left. At first I thought it was slow until I talked to you. You answered my question with a very detailed plan and schedule and you kept your word. I didn't push you but you noticed my concern and told me what was going to be done first and last. It was really great because you understood what I wanted and what I expected. I remember I asked you about the driveway as I needed it to be done so we could park our cars keeping in mind we needed an extra parking spot. After seeing the skids of stone at the front yard and the finished driveway, we were extremely satisfied and the finished product was even better than we could imagine. I actually didn't even like the exterior stone color of our house until the landscaping was done. You made it look much nicer with the type of stone and colors that you selected. From then on, I decided to accept all your opinions as I began to realize Cathy did not mislead me in any way. Whenever I changed my mind on the plan, I just told you what I wanted and you could give me advice right away and you confirmed everything with me before you began every part. I believe your advice was very neutral as I've had some bad experiences with some vendors and contractors who tried to sell me something that I didn't want at all. You guys told me what was worth being done and what was not then let me make the decision. As I remember, I accepted all your advice because they were thought through and professional. You were always very courteous to us. Sometimes you wanted to talk to me but you didn't want to wake me up so you kept your head up looking at the garage to catch me before I left home. I must appreciate your patience. I had a contractor and electrician working in the basement so I could tell the differences. I had to tell the contractor and electrician every single part and give a detailed plan. I just told you what I wanted then you created plans for me. If only they could do their job as if they were doing it for their own homes as you did. You and all your guys had worked really hard and carefully. Honestly I think I got more than what I paid and I treat you all like my friends, friends that know me and understand me. You have created the best landscape that we could ever imagine. Also one last thing I must mention which is the most important thing to me is to make my wife happy. I have been trying for 8 years but you guys did it. Knowing and understand someone is not what money or time can buy. Thank-you for all your work, Sidney
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Fenwick, ON
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