Interlocking Pavers in the Landscape

Interlocking pavers are a great way to improve your homes curb appeal! There is such a wide array of colors and sizes they are now available in, you can create a unique design for any home. We at Nature's Own Landscaping have been serving the Niagara Region since 2001, and have installed many driveways, patios and walkways. Over the years we have seen many different interlocking projects some are very well done, and others not as well. Properly installed an interlock driveway can look great for years. Here are 2 of the key things you need to keep an eye out for when hiring a landscape contractor to install your interlock.

  • The #1 key to properly installed interlock is the base depending on what the area is going to be used for ex. vehicle use or pedestrian this will determine how much base you need under the pavers. Without the proper base after 1 freeze thaw cycle your interlock will be likely to heave. 
  • People also have a tendency of staying away from interlock because they think about all the weeds they see in some poorly installed driveways. With the technology that's now available in most cases this shouldn't be an issue. If interlock is installed with a proper polymeric stabilizer joint sand the weed issue shouldn't be a problem. In some case the environment that you live may play a role in this ie. you live beside an open field with weeds, or maybe by a body of water where the surface always stays moist in this case you might have a bit of moss.

Pros to using interlock verses concrete:

  • Maybe heaved alittle and cracked? This is one of the great things about interlock it can move a little with our climate changes, and never crack.
  • Did you maybe spill oil on a spot of the driveway? A section of interlock can always be pulled up and replaced.
  • Need to bury something under your walkway, you can just pull up a section of it, and relay it once your done.
  • Driveways

    Interlock driveways can be designed to suit any customers needs and tastes. We have installed everything from Tumbled Pavers with different sizes with other types of pavers accents. To just a plain 4"x8" paver in a herringbone pattern! There are countless different colours, styles and types of pavers. We are great at listening to our customers and working with them to find out what will work best for them! Interlock driveways som...
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  • Front Entrance's

    You can dress up the front entrance of any home by creating a unique landscape design that welcomes your guests to the front door. With all the great materials that are available now you can find something to accent any home to increase your homes curb appeal. The picture below is the before picture of a home in downtown Niagara On The Lake.
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  • Patio's

    Make your backyard an extension of your home, by creating another great living space for yourself, and your family. Your backyard is somewhere that you should be comfortable. We can create a design that suites your family's needs whether that may be entertaining family firiends, or just an outdoor retreat for yourself.
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Recent Work

Check out this Eramosa Natural Stone front entrance Nature's Own created this past summer. We love working with clients and their ideas to create unique projects that suit their needs. Contact us to help you with your project.

Recent Testimonial
  • Thank you to Steve and Ryan for the exceptional work they did on our front walkway, and entrance steps. To Steve for listening and coming up with plans exactly as I requested and to Ryan for the execution of those plans. The work was done in a very timely fashion with everyone smiling and courteous at all times. It was a difficult confined space in which to use large machinery but all went well with not one thing being touched and the work areas were cleaned up at the end of each day. Thank you again. We feel that the final result adds to the value of our home. We would not hesitate to recommend Nature's Own for any landscaping needs.
    Dave & Maxine Charzewski
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