Water Features

  How about creating your own backyard oasis with your own water feature?

  • Ponds

    When we first met with this client they wanted to make better use of a dead space that never got used in their backyard.  After some discussion we came up with the idea of installing a water feature with a patio area and some plantings. The hill in the backyard worked out well, for creating a waterfall for the pond.  We also installed a random flagstone patio at the base of the pond were they could sit and enjoy their morning cof...
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  • Bubbling Rock

    A simple water feature is a Bubbling Rock!  They can be used to bring the sound of running water into your garden with very minimal maintenance.  Our customers sometimes like to pick out the rocks themselves so they can express their personal taste.  We then will have them drilled.  Another great feature that can be added to a Bubbling Rock is an LED Light set into the top of the rock. It's a great way ...
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  • Pondless Waterfall

    This kind of waterfall only has a catch basin at the base of it.  By having this type of water feature you can eliminate the pond at the base of the falls.  There is very little maintenance involved with this type of water feature.  You just have to keep the water topped up in the catch basin at the base of the falls. In this paticular case the waterfall is at Stoney Ridge Winery.  For safety concerns it is nic...
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Recent Work

Check out this Eramosa Natural Stone front entrance Nature's Own created this past summer. We love working with clients and their ideas to create unique projects that suit their needs. Contact us to help you with your project.

Recent Testimonial
  • We wanted to keep business local so hired Ryan, Steve and their guys for a massive job after we put and addition onto our house. We are so pleased w the results. Their guys are punctual, tidy, polite, work tenaciously and ask for feedback as they work. What a delightful bunch and we are so satisfied w the end results. Their stonework is immaculate. Please consider hiring them. Cathy & Jason T.
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