Landscaping using Natural Flagstone

Natural flagstone comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors; properly used in a landscape design flagstone can add an elevated level of elegance to any landscape design. Here are a few of the different kinds of stone available, and methods of how we at Nature's Own Landscaping & Design install them.

  • Square Cut Dry Laid Flagstone

       Flagstone can be laid one of two ways; either dry laid or mortared. The dry laid method is much similar to how we install interlock, and consist of: Excavating down 11". Back filling with 8-9" of Granular A Aggregate. Compacting all the gravel with adequate tampers. Installing a 1" bedding layer for the flagstone. Square cut flagstone generally comes pre-cut in different size squares. Laying out all ...
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  • Square Cut Mortared Flagstone

    Flagstone can be laid one of two ways; either dry laid or mortared. The mortared method consist of:  Excavating down 11". Back filling with 6" of 3/4 clear Aggregate. Compacting all the gravel with adequate tampers. Installing a 3-4" concrete slab.  In a lot of cases, if there is existing concrete it can be inspected and if adequatly installed we will be able to install the flagstone to the existing concrete. Squar...
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  • Random Dry Laid Flagstone

    Random dry laid flagstone is one of the most popular ways to install flagstone. It has a much more natural look than the other methods, and can be a little more cost effective than the other methods also. Its great for using around mature trees where you might not be able to excavate to the 11" required for interlock. You don't want to remove too many of the roots from mature trees, so with random flagstone being a little more rugged you can ...
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  • Random Mortared Flagstone

    This photo shows an example of a Manitoulin random mortared flagstone patio.  Depending on the situation mortared flagstone is either installed on a 3-4" layer of concrete with a 1" bed of mortar between the flagstone and the concrete.  There are many different options for flagstone that can be used!  Some of them include Wiarton Flagstone (most common), others include India Stone and Sandstone. Flagstone can be laid...
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Recent Work

Check out this Eramosa Natural Stone front entrance Nature's Own created this past summer. We love working with clients and their ideas to create unique projects that suit their needs. Contact us to help you with your project.

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  • Nature's Own was a referral given to me by a friend in the landscaping/nursery business and I am very glad I chose them to complete my driveway and front yard landscaping. Steven and Ryan were creative in their overall design and competitive in their pricing. Their pricing quote was very detailed and specific. They were always within easy access for discussion, replying quickly to a phone call, email or text message. Ryan and his crew were very hard working, efficient and friendly. All the jobs were completed quickly and in good time. I am very happy with the work that they did and the finished product is beautiful. I would highly recommend Nature's Own for anyone who has landscaping needs.
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